About Us

At Pasovit, we are committed to provide coherent solutions, make our clients sustain and be among the elite in their domain through digital best practices.


More than just a Software house

An ambitious and nerdish bunch, we’re focused on innovation and continuous improvement. Our team includes consultants, product designers, software developers, QA testers, product managers, and product owners. We work together building high-quality software on demand. Headquartered in Chennai, India, we also have representative offices in Delhi – IN, Moscow – RU and Airdrie – UK, where we answer all your questions and support your software needs every day.
Pasovit is a place where passionate professionals align your business goals with the latest tech solutions. We are young, daring, and we want to change the world. How? By pairing up our most brilliant talents with our most demanding clients. Meet the team behind themost customer-oriented software company you’ve ever worked with – and get on board!


We are what we
Believe in

We are what we believe in. And we believe in Coherence. Be it a simple project or a complex product, solutions with coherence works the best!



How we

We understand that every single project is a unique opportunity to build something great.

To deliver outstanding software, we work in Agile and Lean. We believe in the power of the iterative process – the step-by-step design,development, testing, and release of functionalities.

We follow a data-driven development loop. Data helps us improve functionalities and add more value with every sprint.

Want to Join Pasovit?

At Pasovit, we help innovative companies, entrepreneurs and futurists create unforgettable digital products and services.

Join us and help us to create wonderful products which touch people’s life.
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